Nutritional Comparison
The Superiority of Our Beef Comes About Naturally

For the health conscious consumer, it’s very difficult to find fresh beef products that have not been raised with added hormones or chemicals. We never use these artificial additives because our cattle absolutely do not need them.

At Montana Ranch Brand, when we say “all-natural”, we mean it. We start with the naturally-leaner Piedmontese breed, which is naturally lower in fat and cholesterol, and higher in protein-dense meat. We then raise our cattle on select family ranches where they can thrive in natural environments. We also make sure they enjoy a natural diet of quality grains and forages. And most importantly, we raise them naturally without the use of added growth hormones and antibiotics! With our cattle, you get them the way nature made them.

If you compare our Montana Ranch Brand Beef in the chart below, you’ll see why we like our cattle just the way they are.

3.5 oz. Serving Calories Total Fat
Saturated Fat
Piedmontese NY Strip
USDA Select
149 7.00 2.63 53 21.88
Piedmontese NY Strip
USDA Choice
184 11.38 4.38 48 21.98
Traditional NY Strip
USDA Choice
232 15.95 6.44 58 20.63
Traditional NY Strip
USDA Prime
281 22.17 9.08 67 19.00
Pork (composite) 227 16.48 5.77 69 18.25
Chicken (skinless) 119 3.08 0.79 70 21.39
Turkey 119 2.86 0.95 65 21.77
Salmon 116 3.45 0.56 52 19.94

Piedmontese beef listed above represents current data for individual, raw, retail cuts - Midwest Analytical Laboratory. Comparison Source: Raw Traditional 1/8” Retail Cuts, USDA National Nutritional Database.

With Certified Piedmontese Beef by Montana Ranch Brand, the difference is crystal clear. As nature’s perfect combination of nutrition, taste and tenderness, it has become the premier centerpiece at many of the world’s finest restaurants. It’s nature’s best beef... and you won’t find any better.