Authentically Natural Attributes
What Makes It Better?

Naturally lean Piedmontese cattle have been an important part of Italy's beef industry for over a century. Now they are available here in North America. We call it Certified Piedmontese Beef by Montana Ranch Brand. Why is it better? For one, the Piedmontese cattle are naturally lower in fat and cholesterol and naturally higher in protein-dense meat. The breed isn't genetically altered, or given growth hormones - it's just blessed with a leaner physique. We've taken these naturally superior characteristics and enhanced them through our strict growing conditions which emphasize a natural environment. We make sure their diet is healthy and natural, full of quality grains and forages, and positively free of exogenous growth hormones and implants. We continue these rigid standards through every stage of the process to assure unsurpassed product safety and quality.

Better Standards

How can you be sure that you are getting true Piedmontese beef? Look for Certified Piedmontese Beef by Montana Ranch Brand, where our cattle are not simply USDA inspected. They also must pass the our Certified Piedmontese Beef Program Standards. This certification program assures that you are getting only superior Piedmontese beef.

    What this means to you...

  • Natural, tender Piedmontese Beef
  • Vegetarian-Fed - no animal by-products
  • Raised without added growth hormones
  • Raised without use of antibiotics
  • Source verified by Montana Ranch Brand to working family ranches
  • United States - country of origin
Be an informed consumer

The USDA allows the "All Natural" label to be placed on meat which is "minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredients." This statement has nothing to do with how the cattle are raised or what they are fed. It simply means that nothing has been added to the beef after processing, such as carrageenan, MSG or sodium phosphate.

To be an informed consumer, you must make sure that you are buying meats raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. It is important that consumers read the product label. Unlike meats which bear only an "All Natural" label, Certified Piedmontese Beef by Montana Ranch Brand is produced under a program through which we track what our cattle are fed or administered. This way you the consumer are assured of getting the safest, purest, and the absolute best beef!

In a world of unidentified alternatives, it becomes increasingly important to consistently verify your food sources. Where can you achieve this same level of security from beef products? At Montana Ranch Brand we assure your beef can be source-verified. In other words, we track exactly where your beef was born, raised, and fed-to-market. We track and document exactly how, what, and where your beef was fed. But we don't stop there! We also strictly monitor our cattle through the entire process so that we can insure your beef was not administered antibiotics or given growth hormones, period! Please compare that to your current beef source.

How can we do this? We work as a cooperative network of family-owned ranches to closely monitor our cattle at every step. Never forget, out families eat this beef too. We believe that beef is best the more natural it is! With Certified Piedmontese Beef by Montana Ranch Brand you are assured a totally all-natural product with the rich, hearty flavor you love.

Finished-fed a diet of high energy grains and forages, our beef develops a deep, succulent flavor that is sure to please. All-natural feeds assure an all-natural product. Not some of the time, not most of the time, all the time!

Each step of our process is overseen by USDA standards and strictly audited for compliance with our certification seal of approval. Close monitoring is never a problem to producers, who through their own integrity want to produce only the finest products.

So if authentically natural, consistently flavorful, source verified, antibiotic and added hormone-free beef products are as important to your family as they are to ours, welcome home!