Our search went the distance and ended in Italy.

It’s no secret that Italians have a passion for food. From generation to generation, fine cuisine has been a central part of their culture. And for centuries, Italians have taken pride in enjoying their own native breed of cattle from the Piedmont region of northwest Italy.

This uniquely lean and tender beef originated in the foothills of the Italian Alps, where rolling green hills provide a natural diet of fiber-rich grasses. With a leaner physique and heavier muscle structure, these cattle thrived in this high-altitude environment. These physical attributes produce a juicy, full-flavored beef with less fat and cholesterol than traditional beef. And when it comes to tenderness, this breed produces some of the most tender beef in the world - even more consistently tender than Angus. In fact, Piedmontese cattle are the only breed in the world that possess a documented genetic tenderness that delivers a consistent, superior product every time.

Research studies conducted by the USDA confirmed we had truly found the best breed of cattle in the world to deliver the highest possible levels of nutritional value combined with naturally-occurring, consistent tenderness.

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